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6" #SuicidePrevention


This is a multicolored, layered decal in teal and purple (the colors of suicide prevention and awareness) and states "NEED A SIGN TO STAY? HERE IT IS! I GOT YOUR 6! YOUR STORY'S NOT OVER ; #SUICIDEPREVENTION" The semicolon is the universal symbol for suicide prevention where an author in a book uses it to continue a sentence rather than a period which ends a sentence. The hashtag at the bottom can be customized. If anything else you would like customized (like an altered phrase or different color), please send us an email via the main page on the website OR via email at craftsbysarrahandmichael.com (If no customization is entered, the #suicideprevention will be what is included)

What hashtag (#) would you like on the bottom? (If no answer #suicideprevention will be the hashtag)

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