Made in the USA

A Veteran Family Owned and Operated Business

Crafts By Sarrah and Michael


CLICK HERE if you'd like to order our Mission 22 ornament where 22% will be donated to Mission 22 at the end of the year to aid in their fight against veteran suicide.

CLICK HERE to go directly to the TOPSAIL MONTESSORI Christmas Ornament for the School Fundraiser we are running. 15% of each Topsail Montessori Ornament will be donated to the school for additional school supplies. (available in acrylic upon request)

Our Team:

Craft and Custom Ring Designers

*Sarrah Roberts & Michael Nicolai*

We are a military veteran family owned and operated business.

Before placing a ring order, we highly recommend visiting a jeweler in your area to be properly fitted for a ring.

To size yourself at home, you only need a piece of string and a ruler. Wrap the string around your largest knuckle and mark where they meet, then measure with a ruler. This is your ring circumference. Use the picture below to translate your ring circumference into your ring size: