A Veteran Family Owned and Operated Business

Crafts By Sarrah and Michael

re: COVID-19 (3/25/2020)

Crafts By Sarrah and Michael is a small, home run business. We depend on Amazon, 651Vinyl, Glowforge and other companies for our business to run, some of which have longer than normal shipping times. There is a likelihood that our materials and supplies needed to complete projects has been affected due to COVID-19. We are still currently up and running, but please be patient with possible longer than normal turn over times as we progress in the coming weeks as the Coronavirus pandemic continues for possibly weeks or months. 

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time for our country. Please continue to SUPPORT LOCAL, SMALL BUSINESSES if at all possible during this hardship. We are praying for everyone to have good health during these next few weeks and months. Stay safe and please adhere to your local and state authorities regarding social distancing and self quarantining.

If you have any specific questions, please send us an email directly OR use the message box provided on our home page. Thank you.

NOW AVAILABLE: CUSTOM DECALS!! Send us a message to start designing one today!

Our Team:

Craft and Custom Ring Designers

*Sarrah Roberts & Michael Nicolai*

We are a military veteran family owned and operated business.

Before placing a ring order, we highly recommend visiting a jeweler in your area to be properly fitted for a ring.

To size yourself at home, you only need a piece of string and a ruler. Wrap the string around your largest knuckle and mark where they meet, then measure with a ruler. This is your ring circumference. Use the picture below to translate your ring circumference into your ring size:

Check out Michael's PROMO video here!